General Pest Control

Pests can find ways to breach your home through remarkably small areas. There are many exposed cracks and holes they enter. We have a range of control methods from blocking, repelling, attracting and trapping. Depending on the pest species.7 STARS PROPERTY CLEARS general pest control cover:
Cockroaches-Ants-Spiders-SilverfishThis is how we normally target these pest:Internal : Thorough inspection of all internal areas. Apply control treatment to all kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, garages, windows, doors and plumbing.External : Treat the recognized openings leading inside. Use a perimeter treatment creating a repelling boundary.WE ERADICATE :
Fleas-Ants-Spiders-Silverfish-Cockroaches-Lice rats-MiceRetreatment service
If at any time a pest infestation reappears I will treat the area required until resolved. Available to customers and clients who purchased warranty only. We will consider inaccurate treatments without warranty.

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